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Divi Main Net Beta Launching May 15, 2018, for Advanced Users

Exciting times are approaching for Divi, including the much anticipated launch of our main network. With respect to the forthcoming launch, we would like to invite a small group of users to test the platform before the official launch. We are opening this beta to a select group in order to find and fix any bugs and tie up any loose ends that may be present in the protocol.

What the beta will entail

It is important to note that this beta is exclusive to the protocol and does not include the other products set to release in May such as the official desktop and mobile wallet clients. Although a QT client will be packaged with the binary, testers will need to be familiar and comfortable with using a command line interface.

Selected participants will be testing:

Beta 0 release features:

  • Blockchain with tiered masternodes
  • Transaction sending
  • See-saw implementation
  • Auditing code quality
  • Lottery system

If you would like to audit the code quality, a written review with your findings will be necessary. This is not a requirement for becoming a beta tester but those that are willing to take this on will receive priority.

How to qualify

Before filling out the form below, please be sure you meet the following criteria:

  • Experience with setting up other masternodes
  • Holding DIVX
    • You will not be required to provide any DIVX, this is purely for verification that you are part of our ecosystem presently
  • Relative experience and familiarity with CLI
  • Linux, Windows, or Mac OSX based computer
  • Google account (for logging bugs, comments, etc)

Apply for the beta

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