Divi AMA Hosted By BitMax

In celebration of Divi’s listing on BitMax, the BitMax English Telegram channel hosted an AMA with Divi CEO Geoff McCabe and Divi Co-Founder & CIO Nick Saponaro on Monday, September 28th. Shane Molidor, BitMax Global Head of Business Development, acted as moderator.

Please enjoy the transcript of this informative AMA!

With Geoff McCabe, CEO & Nick Saponaro, Co-Founder & CIO:

Shane Molidor: “Let's get started with the AMA. I am joined here today by Geoff McCabe (@geoffmccabe), CEO of Divi, and Nick Saponaro (@nicksap), Co-Founder & CIO of Divi. As per usual, I'll start things off with a few questions for the team before opening up for community Q&A. Rewards will be granted for top questions, so try to keep things original.”

Geoff McCabe: “Hi everyone.”

Nick Saponaro: “Happy to be here.”

Shane Molidor: “Thanks so much for joining us today — really excited to be listing Divi tomorrow at 10:00am EDT. Can you please start things off with a brief introduction to Divi for those in our community that might not be familiar with the project?”

Nick Saponaro: “Sure! Divi's philosophy is to create a world-class financial ecosystem that consolidates the value chain and removes friction from the user experience. We believe in a multi-coin future that relies on a seamless, hybrid transition between fiat and crypto. Divi's one-click masternode was the first proof-of-concept for this philosophy and is still regarded as the easiest to use masternode in the world. As our suite of services develops, users will see the same world-class experience across all of them. Our forthcoming mobile wallet is the essential cornerstone of this philosophy and will offer users the ability to set up IBANs, easily exchange fiat and crypto, set up masternodes and staking nodes, and much more.”

Shane Molidor: “Thanks, Nick. Can you expand a bit more about the utility of $DIVI? How is the crypto asset integral to the operation of the financial ecosystem you've described above?”

Geoff McCabe: “Of course the main use is as a currency... faster and cheaper than bitcoin. But also we've been around three years now, and with every year, DIVI becomes more of a store of value too… With the addition of our Namecoin/Colored-coins implementation, it also gains utility as a connector. Users will be able to connect other cryptocurrency addresses, such as Bitcoin, and their favorite DeFi coins, within the blockchain. That allows apps built on our platform to seamlessly integrate many blockchains together. Because we own 30% of our own fintech, and some other financial companies, we can quickly allow users to connect with a suite of different things such as easy onramp/offramps, coin swaps, exchanges, etc.”

Shane Molidor: “This is interesting — I know Divi has been recognized as one of the top-performing ICOs of all time, and the price performance in the past 1 year along is > 300%. What do you think has been the driving factor behind the success of Divi?”

Geoff McCabe: “One thing that sets us apart is a real product focus. While Nick and I are certified geeks, we aren't lifelong software developers. We think about the user. What makes people happy. We understand customer service. So that's where our focus on UX comes in. It's a massive problem that the entire crypto community faces, but few are tackling it because it's not very interesting a problem to the smartest crypto devs. We also really focus on our community building. We are very friendly and accessible. Everyone knows who Nick and I are. We're all over the place... or were before covid19. You can find us on facebook and see we're real people. We keep our community super friendly to newbies and no question is a dumb question. Divi fans are mostly long term, hardcore supporters. Building up hundreds of fans like that, running our network, is massive strength for us. And our network isn't just geeks... we've got people from all kinds of professions and experience. That makes us stronger because of the diversity of talents in the Divi fan base. We've even got a few grandmas and grandpas running nodes because we make it so easy. We've got designers, businesspeople, artists, all kinds and together they make our community more appealing. We also really focus on bringing in long-term supporters rather than speculators. When you have too many speculators, it makes the coin weak and more volatile. The goal is to create scarcity of DIVI by getting as many people as possible thinking 3-5+ years instead of trying to sell off at the next spike.”

Shane Molidor: “One thing I always ask projects -- what arguments could a token speculator make to suggest that DIVI, which will begin trading at $0.045 (i.e., market cap of $87mm), is actually undervalued? Phrased differently, why might someone be bullish on the long-term price performance of Divi? (Obviously this is not investment advice -- just a hypothetical exercise)”

Geoff McCabe: “That's a good question that of course everyone wants to know the answer to. When we talk to big investors, we often have people say things like, ‘you know, it doesn't really matter what you're doing. Plans and roadmaps don't have a lot of value. The fact that you raised only $2.6m and now valued at $90m proves you will probably keep doing well.’ That's not a very satisfying answer but history does matter. What I can tell you is that we have a lot of unique things about Divi. For example, we are built into Whatsapp right now. You can send DIVI in Whatsapp using DiviGo and we'll release DiviGo 2.0 very shortly and it will include Bitcoin and Litecoin. Followed quickly by most of the DEFI coins... ETH and the ERC20 set. We're really focused on doing things no one else is. How many other cryptos own a fintech to connect directly with the central bank system? We have huge potential because we're virtually unknown in asia. Look at our node map and you'll see almost nothing there: https://mn.divi.cr/map. 99% of the market hasn't heard of us yet. We're solving problems people know to be real, and know to be important. Problems people can understand. Another really big one is that we're working on eDIVI, which is a wrapped Divi with cross-chain staking. It will have bigger rewards than most coins used in DeFi because we will bring our ~30% rewards across to Ethereum with it. That should make it really popular in UniSwap and the other DeFi projects. And with so much of our Divi already in nodes (more than 90% in Staking and masternodes) we have serious coin scarcity.”

Shane Molidor: “Gotcha, so it’s sorta like a ‘past performance is not indicative of future returns, but we've done pretty well so far, and are virtually unheard of outside of small developer niches, so I'm pretty bullish’ type of sentiment. I guess this is particularly exciting because BitMax intends to offer staking support for Divi soon; therefore, we'll further increase the network stake ratio.”

Geoff McCabe: “We just need more awareness, which is why we're here.”

Shane Molidor: “Can you share a few items on your development roadmap that you think are particularly exciting?”

Nick Saponaro: “Sure, I'll jump in here. The most exciting development prospect is the mobile wallet at the moment. This is not your average wallet and is shaping up to be a best-in-class entry thanks to the feature set that we are making available. You will have the ability to open an IBAN with our fintech (bank), store and send fiat and several cryptos, set up a masternode and staking node right from your phone, exchange between cryptos and fiat, and that's just the initial set of features. On the blockchain side we are doing some unique and, in my opinion, incredible things as well. Staking Vaults further enable decentralization throughout the network by allowing remote nodes to host the staking protocol for others. In essence, you have the ability to stake without the resources necessary or the 100% uptime requirement. I just signed the patent declaration for our one-of-a-kind MOCCI (masternode one-click cloud installer) as well. We call these ‘pingless masternodes’ because, much like Staking Vaults, nodes have the ability to host others as masternodes. This begins to eliminate the reliance on centralized services like Digital Ocean, AWS, etc., creating a more truly decentralized service.”

Geoff McCabe: “We also will have a great new blockchain feature that protects masternodes from hackers/phishers. We had a few community members get their nodes stolen in various ways. With the new feature, a masternode can only be disassembled into a pre-set address that should be a cold wallet. That means a hacker/phisher that gets into your system won't be able to take your funds. Also, we'll have human readable addresses, and you'll even be able to just have people send cryptos to your phone # or email address. Just one or two of these features are exciting. But when you have so many at once, it creates a really amazing new platform that's unlike anything in crypto. And it's not just for Divi, it works for all our favorite cryptos within the platform. We are not Divi maximalists... maximalism only works for Bitcoin. Everyone else needs to play nice with others to have a hope of growing huge.”

Shane Molidor: “Thanks — last question before opening up to the community for open Q&A — why did you choose BitMax as a partner for listing? = )”

Nick Saponaro: “There are some amazing aspects to this listing. High liquidity, a large asian community (we're beginning to focus on those networks now as part of our growth strategy), on-exchange staking to name a few. The co-promotions that Bitmax is offering are really stellar as well and something you don't see from most exchanges - we feel like a partner not a customer.”

Shane Molidor: “Yes, we are very excited to offer staking on BitMax. I think it will support greater diversification of Divi holders and ultimately further increase the network stake ratio. I see a lot of similarities vs. when we first supported Thorchain ($RUNE) staking on BitMax — basically the network stake ratio increased to ~ 95% and the tokens became very scarce. This positioned the token well for price appreciation. I think the Divi community has proven to be comprised of very loyal HODLERs already!”

AMA opens to the general community-

FOREST: “You said that you're virtually unknown in asia so which countries and regions are primarily potential target for #DIVI?”

Nick Saponaro: “China and Japan are the targets with the Bitmax listing, however we also have efforts in S.E. Asia (Singapore primarily).”

Adolah: “I'm sure that your project have ‘Special Thing’ that competitor not have. What make your project different from other project platform???”

Geoff McCabe: “OK, so this isn't exactly a user feature, but it's super important. We have a 17% share of all block rewards going to our Treasury fund for spending on the ecosystem. What that means is we have $400,000 or so per month ongoing. If we 10x we'll have $4 million per month. The bigger we grow, the more powerful we get and the more we have to spend on marketing and growing again. This really sets us apart. Would you rather invest in a cryptocurrency that has $5 million in the bank, but may run out of money in a year, or one like Divi that keeps getting stronger as we grow?”

Mojama Khatun: “For the success of a project, investors, community and developers play a major role. What is your strategy to get them involved?”

Nick Saponaro: “We've done well with grassroots efforts over the past three years. Our community spreads across over a dozen countries and continues to grow every day. You can check our socials for the quantitative figures -

  • twitter.com/diviproject
  • facebook.com/diviproject
  • youtube.com/thediviproject
    We have over 13,000 people signed up on diviwallet.com in anticipation of the mobile wallet, and our new CMO is beginning to implement a strategy that will take us to critical mass.”

zafer metin: “How important are community supporters to your project? What are your future plans to increase your supporters and for them? How will the DIVI family grow?”

Geoff McCabe: “Another project we have is called Divi Ventures, it's a private fund of $1 million or so to develop use cases for the Divi coin and ecosystem. We're focused on use cases no one else is doing. Many people in our community are asking to join that fund. Both as investors and to develop use cases. All the use cases will be multi-coin so they appeal to the 16 million+ Bitcoin fans and not just the few thousands Divi fans. This is a new approach to funding use cases other cryptos aren't doing. They all make uses that are for their coin only, and nobody uses them.”

Hendra: “What kind of unique features does DIVI have over its competitors on the market? How do you plan to increase the demand of DIVI tokens in the future?”

Nick Saponaro: “More than 52% of those coins are locked in Masternodes, and even more are in Staking Nodes. Thanks to the gamified, tiere masternode system, we have built a community that upgrades rather than dumps. We believe billions of coins will be necessary for a spendable, global cryptocurrency that has financial language that can scale. 21M coins isn't enough for the world, and spending 0.00000545 BTC isn't acceptable in commerce. That's another problem our blockchain solves.”

Kuldeep Thakur: “What is DIVI and what are the use-cases of DIVI?”

Geoff McCabe: “The use-cases we're funding are things no one else is doing, focused on younger markets that overlap with crypto. We're developing video games, NFT projects, a blockchain-based comic book and media company. A gig economy company, etc... all stuff that nobody else is doing but is perfect for the younger people who love crypto. And we're providing, for every company project, onramp/offramp, exchange apis, multi-coin light client, KYC module, etc... all things to help them build their apps easily and focus on their use case rather than figuring out how to do all the complex crypto stuff.”

zafer metin: “How was the MOCCI infrastructure designed and what is its difference and advantage compared to other masternode infrastructures?”

Nick Saponaro: “As I mentioned above, our patent-pending technology is the world's only genuinely one-click solution. We literally have grandma's in our ecosystem thanks to the incredibly easy process. Thanks to the ‘pingless’ masternodes, now we can broadcast masternode allocations from any node and any full node can host a masternode. This is what allows us to enable one-click mobile staking and masternodes.”

FOREST: “To SURVIVE in tough crypto market conditions is difficult, and we see that many projects are far from the targets. What is DIVI's strategy to survive in this long blockchain marathon?”

Nick Saponaro: “We grew during the last bear market by 300% - our project is built on fundamentals rather than hype, and our treasury is incredibly strong. That paired with our die-hard community have brought us through the toughest times and I expect that to continue.”

Glamay: “Why your DIVI project choose ERC20 platform for development when there are so many other fast ,scalable platform available??”

Geoff McCabe: “We're not ERC20, we have our own blockchain. But if you are asking about eDIVI, then we are wrapping DIVI for the Ethereum network because that's where all the best DeFi projects are. Also, we can easily get eDIVI added to new wallets, DEXs, and all kinds of apps. We also have plans to create a wrapped DIVI for NEAR and PolkaDot. We call this project "Divi Everywhere" or xDIVI. Whatever networks are popular, you will find an xDIVI there. We need to be everywhere because we don't know what the future holds with regards to what networks will become most important.”

Hendra: “What are your plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand DIVI technology?”

Nick Saponaro: “We have several communications channels including a podcast and youtube that grow every day and we are beginning to implement a global marketing strategy that will expand our reach exponentially. I can't give away exactly what that strategy is but the increase over over 2000 beta signups (now more than 13000 strong) at diviwallet.com is one minor example of the how effective this strategy will be.”

Fadang: “Because most investors simply focus on the price of the token in the short term, not the real value of the project. What will Divi do to investors in token $Divi in the long term?”

Geoff McCabe: “It's really difficult to know how to evaluate a project to know the ‘real value’ and we've seen nobody is very good at predicting this. Having a lot of money has shown to not be a good factor. But having very little, like we did, and growing so much, is a good future predictor of success. For investors in Divi, one of our best features is that we have high coin scarcity with high rewards payout... nearly 30% right now, and next year I think 22%. So we will have very good rewards for a few more years while we're really building out the whole platform and ecosystem. So this means that even if the price of DIVI doesn't go up, you can still double your value in 3 years or so if you're re-investing your node rewards.”

Kuldeep Thakur: “This is pretty exciting to hear your name DIVI,can you please tell us the reason how you choose this name?”

Nick Saponaro: “Divvy means to divide up and share here in the U.S. and that's the primary reasoning, however it can also stand for Decentralized Intrinsic Value Initiative. But really what it means is the philosophy to build world-class financial services that everyone can access and use.”

Shane Molidor: “@nicksap @geoffmccabe I think we can wrap up here — I want to be conscious of your time! Really looking forward to listing Divi tomorrow at 10am EDT tomorrow (9/29). Staking for Divi will follow in the near future. I encourage everyone to check out the Divi telegram channel https://t.me/diviproject to learn more about Divi!”

Geoff McCabe: “Thanks for having us!”

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  2. Mobile-friendly link to $DIVI / $USDT trading on BitMax = https://bitmax.io/#/cashtrade-spottrading/usdt/divi