Development this Week - Aug 31, 2018

We've been making rapid strides forward on all fronts, getting ever closer to the moment everyone has been waiting for. When mainnet? Fairly soon, and a lot closer than last week.

Team Update

We've added a few more faces to our website, as shown here:
Still missing are Doug Scott, some developers, the security team, and advisers in business and legal. We'll get to it, but development on the core and GUI have been our priority.

Development Progress

We released articles describing two new technologies that Divi has developed that we think are unique to our ecosystem, their benefits, and how they work.
DVS - Dynamic Value Sporks blog post
UTXO Cleanup tech blog post
Lottery Blocks updated blog post

Core development

Core development is now feature complete and Version 4.0.10 will be delivered to the beta tester team shortly.

GUI development

Overhauled UI


Active issues

  • Recover with seed phrase GUI

Resolved issues, moved to testing

  • Implement new front end design
  • First run info on security hygiene and wallet setup
  • Password for unlocking GUI (optional)
  • Lock/unlock and encryption of wallet
  • Sending as “public” does not work
  • If wallet is unlocked “always”, it shouldn’t show 5:00 in left panel
  • Change divi.conf for new builds
  • Seed phrase on first run GUI
  • Balance not updated in UI when permanently unlocked via debug console
  • Incomplete address in address book selection
  • GUI history to/from label error

Closed issues

  • Unlock for staking
  • Not receiving rewards unless unlock used excessively
  • Minimize on Ubuntu - does not resume
  • GUI issues plus failure to encrypt
  • OSX Desktop - Divid CPU consumption too high
  • Showing fully synced but not

Vote on proposed change to rewards allocation

Read about the vote here

Discussion: Divi in healthcare

Head over to our forum where we are discussing the potential use-cases for Divi in healthcare.