Development this Week - Aug 17, 2018

Development progress

We had a great week with both development and beta testing. We have delivered a new GUI build and we closed a great number of issues and bugs. We still have a breaking issue with the Windows, however they are being worked out and we are moving toward a daily build schedule now. Also the builds for both OSX and Linux are showing to be very solid.

Progress on the Divi CLI client has been moving along quite as well and builds are already being delivered to beta testers on a daily basis.

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We filmed the AMA today, the results from which will be posted on this coming Monday.

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For those of you who are interested, you can now track our progress on the Divi GitHub Public Project Board.

Transaction not valid on funding MN setup (Moved to testing)

Bug - COIN = 100000000 Divi Satoshi's (aka 1 DIVI)
Details - This has been fixed, it looks like the removal of this multiplication factor was dropped and the node allocation funding went down to 0.001 divi for a copper etc.

Masternode fund allocation bug/error (Moved to testing)

Bug - COIN = Instead, for copper, only 0.001divi is allocated and 0.003divi for silver etc.. After running the allocate funds command, then a corresponding transaction is given. This transaction confirms that only 0.001divi was allocated, and can also be verified using the list accounts command. When trying to proceed with the fund masternode command, then the whole thing fails as the transaction is deemed invalid for the masternode level.
Details - This has been fixed, it was related to the previous bug.

Seed phrase on first run GUI (In testing)

Details - This allows the user to get their seed phrase so that they can restore if needed.
Remaining - We now have this working on the blockchain and working in the CLI. We will be moving this into the client and moving to testing shortly.

Recover with seed phrase GUI (In testing)

Details - This allows a user to be able to restore their wallet with a seed phrase.
Remaining - We now have this working on the blockchain and working in the CLI. We will be moving this into the client and moving to testing shortly.

Password for unlocking GUI (In testing)

Details - This will allow the user to require a password before unlocking the desktop wallet.
Remaining - We have already worked on this along with the lock/unlock feature.

Blockchain bugs moved to testing

Staking bug (TESTED & COMPLETED)

Bug - Staking isn't consistent with the rewards or time.
Details - We are trying to make sure that the staking is more consistent and that we can get the reward times closer and more consistent.

Block time is still not consistent around 60 seconds (TESTED & COMPLETED)

Bug - Block time can be between 20 - 300 seconds
Details - This isn’t really a bug it’s more of a performance tweak. It is common to see different block times. A block contains reference to the previous block and the solution to a mathematical problem. The block time isn’t dependant on the time, however whenever the block gets solved, the block time is said to be equivalent to the amount of time taken to solve for that particular block.

Sometime's new block has a lower timestamp than the previous block. (TESTED & COMPLETED)

Bug - Block number 'n' must have a higher number of timestamp than the previous block.
Details - This seems like it could be related to the rescan API, but we need to dig into this further to make sure.

Sending large amounts of DIVI get split up (TESTED & COMPLETED)

Bug - When you are receiving large amounts of funds that it would show up as one transaction. It splits up the transaction into 50k transactions and spams you until it is done.
Details - We are looking into this and it seems it might be related to a hidden privacy “feature”. We should have this fixed next week.

Active blockchain bugs

No bugs currently

Remaining security features

First run info for security hygiene and wallet setup

Details - This is to help inform the user on best practices around crypto security.