Development Moving Forward to Redemption

We will be doing weekly builds to show progress against the new features that were requested by the community. Below is a list of the features that we will be developing. Once these features are completed we will be moving forward with the swap. The beta testers will also be reporting bugs for these builds here

We will also be adding progress bars and release notes on the website for the people who want to just check in on the progress. This will be added to the site within the next 24 hours. Once everything is at 100% completion, we will then pick a date for redemption to happen.

New Security Features

Lock and unlock wallet (encryption)
First run info on security hygiene and setting up a wallet
Seed phrase on the first run
Recover with seed phrase
After redemption has happened, we will be continuing to develop this way to remain transparent in our development. We will then be moving toward a once a month release of new builds but will still be doing weekly in progress builds to the community to see improvement (beta builds).

Blockchain Vote

The vote has concluded and the results are in.

Option 1 received 19 votes:

Option 2 received 0 votes:

Option 3 received 27 votes and has been declared the winner:

Option 3 will lead to a full reset of the Genesis block on the official launch and only include the current total supply of DIVX (6,171,607) times 100 plus an additional 61,716.07 DIVI to account for fees. Hence, the Genesis block shall include a total of 617,222,416.07 total DIVI.