December 7, 2018, Weekly Development Update

This week I want to discuss a few things that have been in focus for the development team as we wind down for the holidays.

Development Update

Scope and design for Atomic Swaps and Human Readable Addresses (HRAs) was completed and work will begin on these features next week.

The mobile team is making headway on the mobile application and testnet funds transfers are working flawlessly at this point. Further feature implementation will take place in the coming weeks.

Holiday Hours

Users should expect a slowdown in updates to the GUI as the team shifts focus to mobile and core before year-end and prepares for some well-deserved time off. While some of the developers will be working throughout the holidays, updates to Divi Desktop will not resume until the new year.

Marketing Update

  • The marketing firm, D.N.A. has successfully delivered a marketing strategy that has gone under the review of the team and will be polished up, ready for implementation starting in Q1.

  • Nick attended Washington Elite AI Blockchain conference where he delivered a speech chronicling the journey from Divi's inception to now.

Happy holidays

We hope everyone has a safe and happy hodliday season. And we look forward to a propserous new year for all.

As always, if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or on the Forum.