December 6, 2019, Weekly Update

Leaving Costa Rica


As you can imagine, if you read last week's blog, this has been a remarkable week filled with adventure, connection, and discovery. The first annual Divi Retreat was a fantastic opportunity to meet as a community in real life and share ideas and experiences.


From the moment we all arrived in the jungle paradise that is Montezuma, Costa Rica, a feeling of excitement could be felt by everyone. We stayed in natural conditions, with no air conditioning, outdoor showers, and bathrooms, among the lush foliage and an ecosystem brimming with all sorts of unique life forms. I believe these harsh conditions brought us closer together as a communal unit, sharing the burden, and lack of luxury.

Ancient shipwreck

Each day began with an organic breakfast prepared by Geoff's wife and was usually followed by a learning activity of some sort. We were taught about Permaculture, natural medicine-making, and more. The afternoon brought on another 100% organic lunch, again prepared by Geoff's incredibly generous wife. From there, we would venture out into the depths of the peninsula. There we would find such wonders as naturally occurring pools fed by rushing waterfalls, pristine beaches, and exotic islands. On one Tortuga Island, one can snorkel and discover all sorts of exciting animals and fauna.


By the time evening fell, we would once again descend on the farm to enjoy one last, fully organic meal. Often this nightly routine would develop into a party, sometimes leading us into the town of Montezuma to enjoy the local night time activities and live music available there.

Beach party!

Building community

Some of the Retreat participants. There were nearly 30 in total!

What we've discovered is that Divi is much more than a cryptocurrency project. It defines blockchain as a new wave of social media and a store of humanitarian value. The strength of the community speaks volumes to these points of view.

The Retreat was an event that brought together a diverse set of individuals from all over the world. As we engaged with one another in both physical and mental activities, each individuals' traits and philosophical perspectives were revealed.

In no other industry have I seen such collective action brought forth by such an eclectic group of people. It is truly remarkable and inspiring.

It would be impossible for me to sum up the scope of what was achieved during the Retreat in a single blog post. It is just something one has to experience. What I will say is that we have a significant understanding of where this community stands and where it is headed. I hope to see more community members at next year's event!

Development update

Although some of the team was away in the jungle this week, several significant milestones were crossed on the development side of things.

PoS v3 Testnet faucet


As we grow ever closer to the hard-fork, we are beginning to establish tools that developers will need to prepare. A new testnet faucet is available and can distribute test DIVI for those looking to build or upgrade their tools.

More documentation on the faucet can be found on our GitHub.

To spin up a PoS v3 testnet node, follow these instructions. Additional documentation regarding how to initiate and work with a PoS v3 node will be issued in the coming weeks.

If you're interested in following the hard-fork progress, we recommend that you follow this branch of the core repository.

Divi 2.0

At the moment, most of the full stack developers are focused on building out the back end APIs for the application. However, we do have some new screens to share, namely the Lottery Block page!



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