December 14, 2018, Development Update

This week multiple development items for both core and desktop were completed and implemented for testing. Read on to find out what we've been up to.

PayPal integration

The team has been hard at work developing an easy-to-use payment process for MOCCI cloud hosting. A mandatory update will be delivered to all users in January that will add this funtionality to the wallet. Pricing is still being set for the lower-tiered nodes, but it will likely look like the following:

  • $10 for copper & silver nodes
  • $15 for gold, platinum, and diamond nodes

How it works

When users go to deploy their MOCCI from the Divi Desktop wallet, they will see this screen.


After clicking subscribe they will be led to a screenthat gives a simple 3 step description of what will happen next.


Next, a browser window will open leading the user to PayPal. Users can choose to pay with their PayPal account or with a credit/debit card.


After going through the payment steps the system will automatically process the payment. Be patient, as this could take up to 3 minutes!


Once the payment is processed and the wallet receives the payment token from the back-end, users can deploy their shiny, new node with one click.


As always, users can name their MOCCI whatever they would like.


And the rest is as normal. Simple as that!


Atomic Swaps

Development on Atomic Swaps is now done (BIP65 implemented) and we are preparing the code so that third-party applications (DEXs, Divi Desktop, etc) can easily interface with this technology. We believe that truly decentralized exchange of digital assets should be a priority for all cryptocurrencies and we're proud to have this feature implemented in our ecosystem. Testing & integration will begin in the coming weeks.

Marketing update

We know everyone is dying for us to kickstart marketing. We are working closely with DNA on the strategy that will begin rolling out during Q1 of 2019. We are 5 weeks into a 6-8 week projected strategy timeline and things are going very well. We appreciate everyone's patience and assure the community that there marketing is and always will be a focus.

Chainwise US

Nick is scheduled to speak at Chainwise in February (15-16). This conference is being organized by our good friend Crypto Crow (Jason Appleton) and there will be many crypto influencers, investors, and newcomers in attendance. The conference is only $20 to attend, so it is very accessible to a mainstream audience. We are very excited to be involved. Find out more on the Chainwise website.

As always, if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or on the Forum.