DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 35: Crypto Sovereignty and Voluntarism Interview with Rice Crypto

In this episode, Steve interviews Rice Crypto, who is a fellow content creator and podcaster on the Rice Crypto Experience. The latter gives his insights on several topics that interest him regarding the world of cryptocurrency, and he also gives a background as to how he became one of the industry’s most sought after content creators.

How Did Rice Get Involved In Cryptocurrency?
Rice started realizing at a young age that he needed to know more and do more research regarding the monetary system. Along the way, he stumbled upon Bitcoin and ended up getting interested in the topic. Soon enough, Rice began to further research about Bitcoin because of the decentralized technology, and in the end, it became his sole focus. Bitcoin is the primary reason he started making videos on Youtube in 2018 so that he can educate the viewers about everything he knows thanks to his journalistic skills. Rice uses his platforms to be able to inform people and inspire them to be the change because if not, people end up continuing to make the same mistakes. The only difference is that technology is part of the equation now.

Anarchy And Voluntaryism
Anarchy means that you have full sovereignty over yourself, your property, and your decisions. Voluntaryism, on the other hand, means that all human interactions should be voluntary. Rice then explains how both terms naturally apply to a community. He also cited an example wherein people don’t have the freedom to decide whether they want to participate in something voluntarily: the Federal government’s requirement on taxations/ paying taxes. Rice sees taxation as something forced and believes that changes should happen in terms of proper allocation wherein you get to choose where your taxes go and how the government uses it.

A Debt-Based System
In further explanations, Rice sheds light on the fact that the society (and the whole world) is in a debt-based system because that’s how governments make money. He believes that if the government pays these debts, then the monetary policy would allow each individual to have full sovereignty of their money and others. Overall, Rice sees that the Federal government plays a significant role in the current system that the country has today.

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