August 9, 2019, Weekly Update

Topping the charts

This week (really, the past 30 days) has undoubtedly been a whirlwind as Divi made multiple industry hotlists.

On Tuesday, Divi appeared on Bitrue's Top Gainers list as numero uno.


Then, Masternode Buzz featured Divi as a Top 3 gainer compared to the rest of the masternode niche.


Things started to heat up once Divi reached number twelve on CoinMarketCap's top gainers.


We've moved two entire pages up on CoinMarketCap in just the past 45 days, and we are currently sitting at rank 315 by market cap at the time of this writing.


This incredible growth is a testament to our fantastic community, and we can't thank you enough. Now enough horn-tooting, let's get down to brass tacks.

New Hires

A few weeks back, we announced the first three out of six new team members. Today, we ware prepared to announce the next round of three!

Neeraj Khairwal joins the team


Neeraj has a Ph.D. in Blockchain Technology and almost a decade of experience as a team leader. She has worked as both a solutions architect and software engineer at some of India's largest tech companies and is a certified Blockchain Developer from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur as well as IBM. Neeraj is both excited and interested in how blockchain technologies can be utilized and applied to help solve the business problems of today and tomorrow.

Vartul Goyal joins the team


Vartul is a seasoned security researcher with more than nine years of experience, who has worked in multiple countries, such as the USA, Germany, and India. He has won many blockchain hackathons in San Jose and India and is an active bug bounty hunter. He received hall of fame from Microsoft (4 times), Intel, Upwork, Jet Airways, and Samsung.

Bhanu Pratap Singh joins the team


Bhanu is an IT professional, working as a software developer for 4+ years. He has worked on several projects with a focus on integrating blockchain with web technologies.

Growing and #BUIDLing

The Divi team is now building on four continents, in six countries, and continues to grow!

The Divi Crew has also expanded its reach into Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North, Central, and South America.

Essentially, the only place Divi is everywhere but Antarctica! 😅

MOCCI Updates

MOCCI underwent a massive update over the past week as we continue to optimize the efficiency of the software. More than a dozen changes to the MOCCI backend ensure that users continue to have a smooth experience when deploying masternodes with Divi Desktop. While most of these updates are not necessarily noticeable to users, the optimizations are critical when it comes to scaling MOCCI.

As the blockchain becomes larger and holds more transactions, the increased system requirements can cause masternodes to overload their servers. This overload results in the server stopping the divid process to preserve its memory.

While the scaling issues are no longer a concern for MOCCI users, those with manual masternode deployments may need to find a solution if they experience the same problems.

Trezor/Trust integration

After a month of discussion with the fantastic team at Trezor, our developer James Scaur has made the final pull request that will add Divi to Trezor's Blockbook. A necessary step toward adding Divi to both the Trezor hardware wallet as well as the Trust wallet.

Divi Photo Contest


  1. Post a photo of yourself on Twitter wearing a Divi T shirt (or other merch) with your public Divi wallet address and use the hashtag #DiviTshirtContest
  2. We will select the top 10 and then let the community vote on the #1 winner, who will receive a COPPER DIVI MASTERNODE!
  3. Some of you may already have your own Divi gear, but you can order more from here:
    Or get extra-creative, and design your own!

Good luck!

Divi in the media

Divi appeared on Hacked this week in the Altcoin Spotlight.

Divi's latest shout out on Bad Crypto can be heard at the 2:55 mark.