August 23, 2019, Weekly Update

No stranger to the charts

Divi appeared on the Masternode.Buzz best performing masternode chart for the fourth week in a row, this week landing in the top five.


Top 130 on iTunes

Now seems like the appropriate time to announce our partnership with my good friend and economist, Steve McGary (AKA HackCrypto), who will be leading our audio podcast efforts moving forward. Steve has only been hosting the show for a week, and we've already achieved rank 129 on iTunes' podcast Top Charts.


Only the first two, introductory episodes are currently available, but listeners can expect to hear one or two podcasts per week coming from the Divi Labs.

Take a listen and leave a 🌟 five-star 🌟 review. It means a lot to us!

Leading the charge on simplicity

Cryptomorrow featured Divi as one of four altcoins that apply one-click technology to their masternodes. It's great to see other coins making masternodes easier but, as the article notes, no one quite matches Divi's user experience.

Most valuable player

The Divi Diamond masternode is the most valuable in the industry as of the time of writing, with a worth of $103,960.


Top 200

Divi is ranked in the top 200 (currently 199) cryptocurrencies by market cap at the time of writing. This ranking is an all-time high for us, and we're very excited about the recent growth.


Real-world adoption

Costa Rica

The Permatek Digital Nomad Space and surrounding Rancho Delicioso eco-village promises a circular crypto economy in which only cryptocurrencies are usable for commerce. Divi will be one of three cryptocurrencies accepted in the village.


Permatek is building a digital nomad space out of recycled 40-foot and 20-foot containers with the Rancho Delicioso Ecovillage.

Permatek says:

Over the past ten years, we’ve witnessed the difficulty of getting cryptocurrency adopted by mainstream users. We think that part of the reason for this is that crypto is always just another payment option, rather than the only option. Because of the difficulty of using crypto, most just keep using fiat because it’s familiar and easy. We think that what’s needed are some great ways to spend crypto in which fiat isn’t an option at all.


Divi is helping real people in underserved nations. Our Divi Latino American Crew can use roughly a single $DIVI masternode reward to purchase groceries for the week.

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🛒Hoy me fui de shopping(compras)🛍 - Alguno de los productos que compre y los $DIVI que gaste - Con la facilidad de $DIVI 💡puedo hacer transacciones en segundos, eso es lo que me encanta - ¿Qué esperas para adoptarla a tu vida? COMENTA 💬💬 - - Para conocer más SÍGUENOS 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 @DiviLatinoamerica @DiviLatinoamerica @DiviLatinoamerica @DiviLatinoamerica . . 🔥 #divilatinoamerica #diviproject . . . . . . #movimientohydra #criptostyle #criptotrading #criptonoticias #criptovenezuela #monedadigital #monedavirtual #bitcoinvzla #bitcoinsvenezuela #bitrue #bitcoinespaña #bitcoinespañol #bitcoinespa #masternodes #cripto #criptomoneda #criptos #criptoactivos #criptodivisas #cryptomoneda #bitcoinvenezuela #crex24 #criptomonedas #criptocurrency #cryptotraders #cryptomonedas #blockchain #altcoin

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Development update


As you might have read in last week's update, our offices in Denmark officially opened. The team is moving full-steam ahead on getting mobile prepared for launch.

Trezor & Trust integration

Trezor merged our pull request into their blockbook software on Wednesday, which marks a major step toward our goal of integration with the Trezor and Trust wallets.

Furthermore, this advancement positions our developer, James Scaur, to speak with the Trust developers about integrating Blockbook directly. If he is successful, more custom chains will be able to integrate with Trust more easily. Cheers, to open source collaboration! 🍻

In the media

Divi CEO and co-founder, Geoff McCabe's quote appears in the latest Zage report on blockchain technology.

New Podcast sponsorships

Signing is complete on new deals with long-time bitcoin advocates, Free Talk Live as well as the nationally syndicated Wild West Crypto podcasts. Look out for more details on these partnerships in the coming weeks.