August 16, 2019, Weekly Update

Summer is almost over 😭 , but things are heating up here at Divi. There is still a lot we cannot announce yet, but we still have quite a few updates for you this week. Let's jump right in.

New use-case for Divi

One of the most common questions nocoiners and procoiners alike are always curious about is whether or not cryptocurrency can be used to purchase everyday goods. I can't count how many times someone has asked: "can you buy coffee with it?" Now, for Divi, the answer is yes!

Fan-created website, Divi.Coffee allows users to purchase fresh, Costa Rican beans exclusively with $DIVI. Give it a try!

Topping the charts (again)

This week saw Divi appearing once again on multiple industry hotlists.

Cryptomorrow lists Divi as number one among the top 5 ICOs that finished at the onset of ICO winter (Q4 2017) alongside Enjin, Genesis Vision, Dragonchain, and Electroneum.


Masternode Buzz features Divi in the top 5 best performing masternodes.


Denmark Office opens

We have officially established an office presence at the FinTech Lab in Copenhagen, Denmark, where many other incredible startups are also located, including Bitcoin Suisse, among others. This office is not a WeWork-style, co-working space. It is a professional FinTech office park that requires the companies established there to go through a due diligence process to gain access. We are excited by the opportunity and possibilities that this new office grants us.

Kasper sent me this message on their first day:

Today was our first official day. We kicked it off by sitting in a conference room all day drawing on a whiteboard and talking ideas for the website. I really think we've nailed it!

Elias Gomez Castro joins the team


Elias is 28 years old from and living in Grecia, Costa Rica. He is a Software Developer who is passionate about startups and online communities. Elias is also the Founder of YesDuet and long-time legend from EnckeTech. He is a leader in local community projects, like AccionSR to help rebuild the local temple, as well as support local vendors with free technology. Also, mountain hiking and some mountain biking are his jam(s).

Development progress

Mobile Wallet

The Divi Mobile Smart Wallet is coming together in a significant way. The UI is complete and almost fully implemented, and many of the UX features are now in the pipeline. Backend technologies are under development in tandem, and we are set to demo the product at World Crypto Con in October. Check out a video preview below.

Divi Smart Node Version 0.0.2-alpha now available

A new version of the Divi Smart Node is now available. This patch update implements the following changes:

  • Implement divid as a systemd service, rather than a daemon to preserve memory and handle reboots and crashes more efficiently.
  • Add several new aliases for easy access to divi-specific and system-level features.
  • Refactor startup and initial setup scripts to provide more user feedback while requiring no user input.

You can download the latest version, flash the image, and run a Divi Smart Node on your own Raspberry Pi now.

Trezor/Trust integration

Final tests are passing, and Trezor Blockbook is prepared to merge the Divi pull request after one last modification to the resync interval.

Ledger integration

Ledger integration is incredibly close. The Divi application is working on-device (both Ledger Nano S and X models), and the hardware application is working with the test GUI. Now, it's just a matter of connecting the two in production and gaining approval from Ledger.

Divi Desktop Update imminent

Users can expect a new Divi Desktop version next week that implements several bugfixes, features, and enhancements.

Chain Lightning

We have been hard at work scoping and researching Bitcoin's lightning network. Next week, we're ready to begin implementing Divi's Chain Lightning solution. The implementation will provide a new use-case for Divi masternodes, offer substantially better rewards, rebalancing, routing, and channel management than Bitcoin's. We will publish a whitepaper on the topic in the coming months.