April 3, 2020, Weekly Update


In case you missed it, check out the Divi month-in-review video below and find out what we accomplished in March!


Did you miss last week's onboarding demo? Have no fear! Give it a watch below.

Don't forget that the Divi 2.0 applications are cross-platform. Check out some screens of the desktop version below.



Core Cleanup


We are working tirelessly to modularize and cleanup the Divi Core Codebase before the 2.0 launch. This cleanup will continue well beyond the release as well as we aim to improve the efficiency and code cleanliness of the Core.

We're also adding new features! The latest feature is an automated monthly backup that works much better than the previous iteration.

Additionally, a new testing framework is now integrated, which will make our iterative development workflow a lot more streamlined.

If you'd like to see all the changes, you can check out all 203 commits here.

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