April 17, 2020, Weekly Update

Divi 2.0 Progress Update

Let's take a look at some of the complete items so far this month.

✅ Earn

Earn is your view into, you guessed it, how much you're earning with Divi 2.0.


✅ Settings

Users must have full control over their application experience, and with the settings functionality complete, they will!


✅ Onboarding

You've already seen the onboarding demo. We're improving the flow even further and adding some simple quality-of-life improvements to make the UX even smoother.


♻️ QR-Scan Recovery

One feature that is currently undergoing development is QR-Scan Recovery. This feature allows users who are using Divi 1.0 to scan a QR Code on their desktop app, and instantly access their wallet, masternodes, staking, and addresses.


♻️ Send and Receive

Another feature that is currently undergoing development is the send and receive functionality.


Please note, screenshots currently undergoing development are subject to change. Items displayed in screenshots are for representational purposes and may or may not be available at launch.

Divi Blockchain Refactor

While the Divi 2.0 wallets ramp-up to production-readiness, we are hard at work, ensuring that the core blockchain is also up to our world-class standards.

Pull Request #180 merged 203 commits into the master branch.



  • Fix All Tests
  • Initialize Secp context statically
  • Refactor init.cpp file for readability
  • Strip debug info when building binaries
  • Add Dockerfile to build tests on Travis
  • Added google test
  • Remove QT
  • Extract wallet backup creation functionality
  • Separate data directory and logging from util header
  • Create a monthly wallet backup thread


  • Cleaner code & with now 100% more reliable backups

Pull Request #181 merged an additional 48 commits into the master branch and fixed several issues with OP_CODES and the interpreter.



  • Code Refactoring


  • Extract signature checkers
  • Extract stack management
  • Simplify script evaluation

DragonChain Interchain update

Things are moving forward with the DragonChain Interchain Divi integration. This week, we set up our L1 node on the DragonChain platform, and the DragonChain developers are working to create the connection to our Divi node now.

We are looking forward to the potential of this collaboration and offering users the ability to write and deploy smart contracts with Divi and Dragon!

A new COO/Advisor joins the team


Divi is pleased to announce the addition of Jeff Packard as the company's Chief Operating Officer/ Advisor. Jeff's extensive experience as Co-Founder and COO of a small staffing business and SVP of a global consulting organization will add critical expertise to the Divi Team. Jeff will guide the implementation of Divi's strategies and provide direction and support over operations and customer-facing functions.

Jeff brings 30+ years of successfully building and running small businesses and global enterprise practices. He is the co-founder of Veratech Services and previously served as global SVP at Dimension Data (NTT Ltd), responsible for the global Consulting and Professional Services Practice. As the P&L owner of a $1 Billion service unit, Jeff was effective in aligning priorities, and global execution across sales, services, marketing & H.R. Jeff built a global consulting practice that made Gartner's 2015 Top 10 Fastest-Growing consulting list. Prior to Dimension Data, Jeff spent 10+ years gaining Big 4 experience at Accenture and KPMG BearingPoint. Jeff received his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and Bachelor of Science from the University of Delaware.

Jeff became involved in cryptocurrency in 2017 and is passionate about the market potential and its capacity to changes people's lives for the better. Jeff has been an active Divi community member since October 2019. Jeff lives outside of Washington D.C. and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

New use-case - DigiHost

In collaboration with DigiHost, users can now pay for hosting a VPS and several other cloud services with $DIVI! DigiHost even offers special masternode pricing tiers for folks who would like to set up a Divi node on their platform.


GAINS AMA with Geoff McCabe

Divi CEO, Geoff McCabe participated in an Ask-Me-Anything event with GAINS on Thursday, April 16th, 2020. In case you missed it, you can read his answers starting with this Telegram message

ZIL Giveaway


In collaboration with Zilliqa and anticipation of our upcoming podcast episode with President and Chief Science Officer, Amrit Kumar, Divi is giving away 10 000 ZIL!

Find all the entry details in the tweet below.

Upcoming Events

Divi is appearing at two upcoming virtual events this month.

Miami University Blockchain Club Virtual Conference

I will be speaking on April 25, 2020, from 12:45 to 13:15 EST about Masternodes and how to earn a passive income, even in a recession!

Register to attend here

Bad Crypto Virtual Blockchain Week

Register to attend here

ICYMI: CoinGenius Virtual Summit

If you couldn't make it to the CoinGenius Virtual Summit last week, check out the full 10-hour recap here.

1000 Nodes Inbound


This week a new all-time-high masternode count was set at 989 nodes! This milestone brings us ever closer to the 1000th masternode deployment and the ultimate giveaway to celebrate.

Join Discord to get ready for the giveaways!


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