Airdrops - Divi Style!

In order to reward our coin holders and encourage them to keep their DIVX off the exchanges, we are doing weekly airdrops! Usually 3000 DIVX every week. The entire airdrop project, at today's rate of approximately $3/DIVX will be over US$250,000!

What is The Divi Project?


We've solved the problem that Andreas Antonopoulos says is the most important for cryptocurrencies to go mainstream: The Divi Project is a crypto far easier and safer than any other (think Apple) so that billions of ordinary people can use it. Our team is one of the most experienced in crypto, and includes top technologists from Microsoft, Yahoo, Hall Labs, and more. Read about our team here:

Despite that, the Divi Project is still relatively unknown.

Who Can Participate?

All token holders who have at least 1000 DIVX in a wallet held off the exchanges.

Who Can't Participate?

  • Anyone with less than 1000 DIVX in their wallet
  • Any DIVX held on exchanges
  • Divi's Treasury Fund and Founder Coins

How to Get Your Airdrops

Easy! Just get at least 1000 DIVX and hold it in any Ethereum-based wallet such as MEW that's not on an exchange.

You don't need to do anything else. The database of all token holders is scanned from the Ethereum blockchain and parsed before each airdrop.

You can buy DIVX here:

How much do you get?

The Math: How much does each holder get? Around 0.6-0.7 each drop.

Your Airdrop = (weeklyDrop * theirBalance) / (totalSupply in qualified wallets)

2.4% of the total number of tokens created will be used in the airdrops, considered on an annual basis. This quantity will be reviewed each month and possibly adjusted. We need to be able to afford it without sacrificing long-term goals.

Example: 2.4% of 6 million created tokens = 2,762 per week. If 27 weeks till mainnet launch = ~75,000 airdrop tokens. This example uses a percentage so that scaling is not an issue.

Where does the DIVX come from?

We're taking this out of Divi's treasury that was created during the ICO. We're not creating any new DIVX for this airdrop.

WHEN are the airdrops?

The airdrops started after the token sale finished in late November, and will continue until we release our mainnet in Q2 2018.

They will be weekly but on random days so that token holders never know exactly when it’s going to happen and can’t try to game the system by building up DIVX only on airdrop day.

Thanks for participating, we love our Divi community!

The Divi Project