DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 37: Interview with Jeremy Born CEO of Coin Genius

In this episode, Nick Saponaro interviews Jeremy Born, who is the co-founder and CEO of Coin Genius, which is an application built for the convenience of the user.

What Coin Genius Is About

The team behind Coin Genius aims to create a secure, hassle-free experience for everyone. And by “everyone,” that means no matter what age, generation, or level of knowledge you have, you can easily understand and know a few things about the data presented. Coin Genius wants its clients to be able to comprehend the different trends fully and by offering them several visualizations, data sets, and customized presentations of data. Overall, Jeremy and his team see a promising future for the application’s utilization, especially when people start using cryptocurrency as a means of transaction for sales, trades, and investments.

Coin Genius’ Onsite/ Free Data Access

Initially, Jeremy intends to improve the website’s media page, which should comprise of reports, data, and podcasts that tackle the different topics involved in cryptocurrency. Also, there will be “Genius Networks,” which are profiles of people that are considered by Jeremy’s team as geniuses in the industry. Being included in this group shows that you are a person who knows about the industry, as well as has skills that can add value to the website or network. Site visitors can interact with the said geniuses if there are questions or clarifications they want to clear out. Ultimately, the site aims to be a space that delivers quality data and service for everyone.

Highly Customizable Website

When talking about the phrase “highly customizable,” Jeremy wants the listeners to know how far they would go to make the experience more suitable for the client. The site offers you to select a few options that can determine what kind of dealer or trader you are, and it shows results according to your experiences, expertise, and knowledge. This program saves people more time instead of going through numerous pages before they get a concrete answer for their query.

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