DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 20: A Deeper Look at FairCoop in an Interview with Neil Haran


Show notes from The DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 20 with Neil Haran & Geoff McCabe

In this episode of the Divi Crypto Podcast, Steve shines the spotlight on Neil Haran and Geoff McCabe. Geoff is the CEO and founder of Divi while Neil Haran is an angel investor, cryptocurrency advocate and a FairCoop Evangelist. They discuss FairCoin, FairCoop, and their desire to help people all over the world.

Topic #1: Entering the Crypto World

First off, Neil shared how he got into the crypto space about 8 or 9 years ago. From working in gaming companies and as an entrepreneur, Neil experienced burnout and was looking into a venture that will make him feel self-worth and finding a sense of purpose.

Topic #2: Beginning the Journey with FairCoin

Neil shared how he started working with FairCoin a few years back. He was attracted to its vision and what it was trying to achieve. Neil loved how FairCoop was looking at sustainability and building a better world, especially now when they are countless problems surrounding us.

Topic #3: Overcoming Challenges and Learning from Them

Because FairCoin was seeking to be a currency within its ecosystem, the community had a reserve for managing funds. Unfortunately, it was also hit when BTC fell down. But they were able to fight against these issues with the help of impact investors that provide liquidity, evangelists believing in their vision, and helping to spread their love to the community.

Topic #4: FairCoop and Community Growth

With FairCoop, a community of activists was willing to put their own money at risk to establish a cooperative system from the ground up. The team was not focused on verbal marketing but on using actions to achieving a shared vision for the population to grow. This common vision rallies people into something more innate to human society, much more than financial gain.

Topic #5: How Can FairCoin Be Used and How to be Part of FairCoop

Basically, FairCoin is a currency used to purchase products and services. At present, there is the FairMarket where anyone can put up a product or service for sale and price it in FairCoin. On the other hand, FairCoop is comprised of about a thousand activist organizations seeking to establish a more cooperative world. Interested parties can research and read on to understand how the system works. Learn more at fair.coop.